The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) has an important role in shaping an Australia that acknowledges, respects, celebrates and shares in all that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities continue to contribute to this nation, and to the world.

The AIATSIS Foundation will form partnerships to develop a comprehensive and urgent plan to identify, gather, safe-keep and share, the Indigenous heritage of this nation. It will raise funds to illuminate the AIATSIS Collections, the world’s largest and most significant collection of Indigenous Australian culture, history and heritage.

“For the shards of the classical culture of this continent to vanish would be a loss not only to its indigenous peoples but also to all Australians, and to the world.”

Noel Pearson, Quarterly Essay 55.

Our 50,000 year old Indigenous culture, recognized as the longest running culture in the world, is at risk of losing languages and songlines within one generation unless we act urgently.

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